Update Intel Coffee Lake Core i3-8300 and three Pentium Gold is now already in stores

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Intel continue launching new processors of the 8 generation of the Coffee Lake family and now know it’s is now in stores. Now we have to wait for the low price plates with chipsets B360 and H310 that will make a good combo with these new Chips.

Intel first innovation is the Intel Core i3-8300 Quad Core with four threads with a base frequency that reaches 3.7Ghz, of which we do not know its turbo mode so far and that is blocked at the multipliers level. It also includes 8MB of Cahe L3 and a TDP of 65W and it remains to be seen what type of integrated GPU will be mounted. The price of these processors will be around $140.

Intel Pentium Gold presented now  G5600, G5500 and G5400, of which we do not know their TDP although theoretically they are of Low Consumption and uses Intel Kaby Lake Cores. All these new Pentium Gold are Dual Cores of 4 threads with locked multipliers, include 4MB of L3 cache and support for DDR4-2133 memory. The base speed for the Pentium Gold G5600 is 3.9Ghz, 3.8Ghz for the Pentium Gold G5500 while the less powerful of the trio, the Pentium Gold G5400 reaches 3.7Ghz. The price of these processors will be around $99 and some are more than enough for a PC gaming.

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