Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the company’s largest premium smartphone. That’s true not only in in the literal sense — as the 6.3-inch Infinity Display will be sure to catch your gaze – but a figurative one as well. The Note 8 is released in the wake of the company’s Galaxy Note 7 recall. After releasing the Note 7 to near-universal praise the company was forced to recall the device due to defective internal battery design that caused it to randomly catch fire.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could have easily been the series swan song, but instead, it ends up marking a triumphant return. This powerhouse of a phablet takes every feature that was lauded in the Galaxy S8 and doubles down with beefier specs, a second rear-facing camera, and of course the beloved S Pen Stylus. With top-notch performance and a wide array of useful features this is one of the best smartphones you’ll find on the market. Just make sure you have your wallet ready because it comes at a steep $930 asking price.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 incorporates the same stylish infinity edge design of the Galaxy S8. The device has removed the physical home button in favor of paper-thin bezels along the top and bottom portions of the device with the screen wrapping around the edges. This gives the phone a sort of curved stylish look, even with it’s rather large 6.3-inch rectangular screen.

What’s really impressive is that Samsung manages to fit that large screen into a svelte 6.4 x 2.94 x 0.33-inch frame. Often times phones with larger screens can feel unwieldy, but the slim rectangular design of the Note 8 sits nicely in your hand. In fact, the Note 8 may be even easier to hold and use than the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus despite having a larger display. The thin design also means that the Note 8 can fit comfortably in your pocket as well.

The button layout is pretty similar to that of the Galaxy S8. With the power button sitting along the right side of the device, while the volume controls and Bixby home button are on the left. The buttons have decent travel and great feedback. Along the top of the device, the expandable memory and SIM card can be accessed. While at the bottom edge there is the 3.5mm headphone jack, power connector, rear speakers, and the removable SPen. The Pen comfortably snaps in and out of place making it easy to access at a moment’s notice. Finally, along the back of the device is the dual-rear cameras and the fingerprint scanner.

We understand that Samsung was somewhat pressed for, but we still don’t love the placement of the fingerprint scanner. With the scanner being so close to the dual-cameras it’s still far too easy to accidentally smudge the lens when attempting to scan your finger.

Ultimately though that’s a relatively small gripe. NBR is more than happy to make the tradeoff for the incredibly large screen and comfortable slim design.

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