Review Beelink Kaby G7 i7-8709G Mini PC, Why are most Core Mini PCs “Barebone” style?

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Beelink Kaby G7 i7-8709G Barebone / Mini PC
Beelink Kaby G7 features Intel Kaby Lake i7-8709G CPU, and it may be the best in hardware configuration among China’s Mini PCs. But the price is really high compared other models. and it is offered at a price of $1000 above. Also, it is a  “Barebone” style Mini PC, without RAM or ROM inside.

Beelink X45 Mini PC (J4105, 6+128GB SSD) at about $210.
Beelink Gemini X55 Mini PC. J5005 CPU, 8 + 128GB SSD at $2**

We can find many Barebone” style Mini PCs online, and most of them feature Core i3/i5/i7 CPU, the highest level of CPU in the market. The question comes, why are most Core Mini PCs “Barebone” style?

Check Main Features of Beelink Kaby G7:
● Intel Kaby Lake i7-8709G CPU, dual-core, 8 thread, 4.1GHz
● Intel HD Graphics 630 GPU
● Support 4TB or 2.5 inch HDD
● Support H.265 decoding, saving bandwidth
● Support 4K video display
● 1000Mbps Ethernet, fast network access
● 2.4GHz + 5.8GHz dual-band WiFi

Check price and more details.

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