Review Beelink J45 Mini PC, J4205 CPU, 8GB DDR4 + 256GB SSD

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Few days ago , we introduced Beelink X45, which makes us think of Intel NUC; they have similar shape in some degree. Now, Beelink has a new model, Beelink J45 Mini PC/8GB DDR4 + 256GB SSD at $289.99 only with code GBCNJ45 now. Check details of Beelink J45 Mini PC.
Beelink J45 Mini PC

We are happy to talk about Beelink X55 again, an upgrade of  Beelink X45 and it may be Beelink Best Mini PC in 2018.

This model has more powerful hardware configuration as its name indicates, especially in CPU and running RAM:  (vs Beelink X45’s)

In connection ports,  Beelink X45/X55/J45 mainly include 4* USB 3.0 and 2* HDMI ports, no need to mention power and LAN here. Some models of mini PCs have type-C, but many people reflect that it is no use at all, and dual HDMI ports are preferred.

Intel Gemini Lake Pentium J5005 (vs Intel J4105)
Intel UHD Graphics 605 (vs 600)
8GB DDR4 + 128GB SSD (vs 6GB+128 SSD )

Check details of Beelink J45 Mini PC.

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