Minix NEO U9-H vs MINIX NEO Z83-4 (Pro) Review, which is better and faster

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When we talk about Minix NEO U9-H vs MINIX NEO Z83-4, we have to say that Minix NEO U9-H is a TV Box, while MINIX NEO Z83-4 (or MINIX NEO Z83-4 Pro,  same as below) is a Mini PC.

Minix Neo U9-H is a top selling option at the top of the price range. It’s a #1 bestseller in streaming players category and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Slingbox M2 or SkyStream ONE .

Check the model’s details:

  • The Ultimate Home Theater Experience – Supports Wide Variety of Formats.
  • Picture Perfect – 4K Ultra High Definition.
  • Realistic, True-to-Life Imagery – High Dynamic Range (HDR).
  • Rich Cinematic Surround Sound – Dolby Digital Audio.
  • Dual DRM Support – Play Ready 3.0 + Google Widevine Level 1.

On another hand, MINIX NEO Z83-4 is a Mini PC.

MINIX NEO Z83-4 Fanless Mini PC re-imagines the desktop PC, delivering an unrivalled combination of ultra-compact design and premium performance that is ideal for work, play and entertainment.

The Z83-4 comes with 4GB of DDR3L of RAM and 32GB of storage. Bundled with a fully licensed version of Windows 10 it offers a great investment if you are looking for a TV box combined with a Mini PC. If you are looking for a low budget dual function box, this Minix Neo Z83-4 Review takes a look at this Windows 10 model.

The Z83-4 excels as a Thin Client Solution, being equipped with dual output display ports (Mini DP and HDMI) and if you intend using your Plex Media Server it will be a great option. It’s always a good idea to check the latest prices as they do tend to fluctuate with time.

  • Palm-Sized Computing – Ultra-compact design combined with premium performance. Equipped with Intel’s Cherry Trail Quad-Core processor.
  • Multi-Purpose PC – Excellent Thin Client Solution or Home Theater PC. Equipped with Dual Output display ports (Mini DP and HDMI) and supports up to 4K @ 30fps.
  • Ready To Run Out Of The Box – 32GB of Samsung eMMC (MLC), 4GB of DDR3L memory and pre-installed with Windows 10 (64-bit).
  • Sleek, compact design – MINIX NEO K2 includes all the keys found on a conventional keyboard.
  • Awesome typing experience – comfortable, quiet keys and large touchpad.

If  you want to enjoy pure entertainment joy or experience, Minix NEO U9-H is your top choice, while if you want more functions like office tasks, MINIX NEO Z83-4 is better, because it can be installed with Windows and other office software.

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