Minix NEO U9-H review, Minix NEO U9-H vs Alfawise H96 PRO Plus review, Which is better and runs faster?

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Minix Neo U9-H is a top selling option at the top of the price range. It’s a #1 bestseller in streaming players category. Also, H96 PRO Plus (Here we talk Alfawise H96 Pro+, an OEM model) is a very hot model in the market.  Which is better and runs faster?

MINIX NEO U9-H vs Alfawise H96 PRO Plus, prices are $139.90 (S912, 2+16GB) and amazing $67 (S912, 3+32GB) separately. Which is better?

Both of them, MINIX NEO U9-H and Alfawise H96 PRO Plus use S912 CPU and 802ac WiFi. MINIX NEO U9-H features 2+16GB Alfawise H96 PRO Plus comes with 3+32GB configuration.

Check the model’s details:

  • The Ultimate Home Theater Experience – Supports Wide Variety of Formats.
  • Picture Perfect – 4K Ultra High Definition.
  • Realistic, True-to-Life Imagery – High Dynamic Range (HDR).
  • Rich Cinematic Surround Sound – Dolby Digital Audio.
  • Dual DRM Support – Play Ready 3.0 + Google Widevine Level Check price and more

Alfawise H96 Pro+ TV Box
Alfawise H96 Pro+ specifications:
Brand: Alfawise
Model: H96 Pro+
Type: TV Box
GPU: ARM Mali-T820MP3
System: Android 7.1
CPU: Amlogic S912
Core: 2.0GHz,Octa Core
RAM Type: DDR3
ROM: 32G
Maximum External Hard Drives Capacity: 2TB
Color: Black

Check Alfawise H96 Pro+ price and more.

When compared two models. Minix Neo U9-H vs Alfawise H96 Pro+ review. John from TVBMA comments, The Alfawise H96 Pro+, has now gone from 2GB to 3GB of DDR3 Ram, and from 16GB to 32GB of internal storage. This allows for greater multitasking of applications, and greater storage for downloading large apps and games, and more cache to run applications.

The choice should depends on what you want to use it for. The Minix U9-H, I feel is priced at a point where I wouldn’t purchase one. The Alfawise H96 Pro+ probably wouldn’t get much long term support.


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