Mi Mini PC review, is it a shit or a nugget?

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Mi Mini PC is claimed or called at Indiegogo as the “world’s most powerful pocket size mini PC ” which have already raised over $410,000 thanks to over 5,000 backers. The tiny Windows 10 pocket mini PC is equipped with a 5 inch display, and powered by an Intel Atom x7 processor. 

Actually we don’t care whether it is the World’s Most Powerful Pocket-Sized PC or not, and we just think about this question: is this small gedget usefull or useless in practical life?

It has a 5 inch display and Windows 10 OS. But many people nowadays have a Smartphone with 5 inch or above monitor. What a 5-inch monitor of a Mini PC can be used for? This is problem. At least, we think the 5 inch display is useless at this point.

Mi Pocket Computer

Supported by 8GB of RAM, 128GB solid state drive (SSD), this PC sounds really powerful. But people get used to think such a thing as a Smartphone which always comes with a touch monitor, easily controlled with a finger. It is intersting that Mi Mini PC has no touch screen. This is confusing for us to undertand this product.

It is a good news that it can be delivered in September 2018, so you have much time to think about it before you make a buying decision.

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