ISED Canada may be a big problem for many TV BOX sellers in Canada

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Some TV BOX sellers have received such emails from ISED Canada stating that:

The Certification and Engineering Bureau of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED Canada), has completed market surveillance (physical) audit on 2 purchased samples of your product identified below:

Brand name:                            ******

Certification number:                Not found

Model Number:                        “******”

Description of the device:         OTT TV BOX

Purchased from:                       Online from where it’s available at: ******

The email also indicated that:

1-    The IC certification number was not found on the labels of both models.

2-    The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and the external form of both models were not identical.

3-    There were approximately 6dB difference in the measured output power and power spectral density values between both models.

4-    Both models failed to meet the AC Power Line Conducted Emissions limits of both RSS-GEN issue 4 section 8.8 and ICES-003 issue 6 section 6.1.

5-    Both models failed to meet the Class B Radiated Emissions Limits Below 1 GHz of ICES-003 issue 6 section 6.2.1.

Therefore,  TV BOX sellers MUST provide the following information to the Certification and Engineering Bureau no later than 30 calendar days from the receipt of this notification:

1-    Please explain why both models, YOUR-MODEL is offered for sale on the Canadian market before they are listed in the REL.

2-    An action plan on how YOUR-COMPANY will resolve these issues.

3-    Total number of units of YOUR-MODEL, affected by these issues, that has been imported into Canada, either sold or still in the Canadian distribution chain.

4-    Information regarding the quality control system that YOUR-COMPANY has in place to ensure continued compliance of all Radiocommunication apparatus deployed in the Canadian market place with applicable Canadian standards during the entire life cycle of the products.

5-    Name and contact information for all Canadian distributors of YOUR-MODEL.

The email indicates that: “ISED Canada would like to find an efficient solution to bring these equipment into compliance within a reasonable time. We are available to discuss these issues.”

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