Intel Celeron J3455 vs. Intel Atom x5-Z8350

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Intel Celeron J3455 advantages: J3455’s Operating frequency of the CPU is higher than the frequency of the Z8350. This microprocessor supports Execute disable bit technology, that can protect from certain types of computer viruses.

ACEPC AK1 is good example of Intel Celeron J3455:
ACEPC T9 or ACEPC T11 adopts Intel Z8350 CPU.

The CPU of Intel Celeron J3455 features more memory bandwidth, which helps to resolve memory bottlenecks and increase performance in tasks, dealing with large data sets. Also, it runs faster because of high frequency. Performance improvement in non-memory bound programs will be lower.

Market segment Intel Atom x5:
Intel Celeron J3455:  Desktop
Manufacturer Intel
Family Atom x5 Celeron
Basic details
Model number Z8350 J3455
CPU part number FJ8066401836620 FH8066802986102
Introduction date February 8, 2016 August 30, 2016
Current official price $107 (as of Jun 2017)
CPU features
Core name Cherry Trail Apollo Lake
Platform name Cherry Trail
Microarchitecture Airmont Goldmont
Technology (micron) 0.014
Data width (bits) 64
Socket BGA592 BGA1296
Frequency (MHz) 1440 1500
Turbo Frequency (MHz) 1920 2300 / 2200 / 2200 / 2200
L1 cache 128 KB (code) / 96 KB (data)
L2 cache (KB) 2048
Max temperature (°C) 90 105
TDP (Watt) 10
Cores 4
Threads 4






Check these 2 charts also:


We can find that J3455 is batter than N3450 as it has higher CPU frequency and funs faster. Both J3455 and N3450 supports H265 and VP9 decoding (i.e. 4K) but Z8350 doesn’t support 4K or UHD video output.

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