Gigabyte BRIX S Mini PC vs ACEPC GK1, both Intel Gemini Lake Mini PC Models

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The new Gigabyte Brix GB-BLCE-4105C and GB-BLCE-4000C mini compact PCs have a new design with dimensions of 2.21″ x 4.06″ x 4.59″, somewhat smaller than those we had in the classic design of the Brix. Inside we have Intel Gemini Lake processors in two versions one with the Intel Celeron J4150 Quad Core with 10W TPD and another with the Intel Celeron N4000 Dual core with only 6W TPD that is completely fanless. The operating system supported by default is Windows 10.

ACEPC will launch ACEPC GK2, CK2 and AK2 soon, which has a similar shape as HP Z2 Mini G3 Workstation. But of course, there are several changes in shape.

Check ACEPC GK2, CK2 (or ACEPC AK2):

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It is hard to say which is better wehn we talk about Gigabyte BRIX S Mini PC vs ACEPC GK1, both Intel Gemini Lake Mini PC Models. But according to the Amazon data, we can find that Gigabyte has an average price above $400, but ACEPC focuses on models around $200.

Which is better? How do  you think?

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