Gigabyte Brix mini PC’s Update with 8th generation Intel processors

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Gigabyte  has announce that their new mini PC Gigabyte Brix will come with an Intel 8th generation processors , significantly increasing multi-process performance. This models continue with a design and specifications very similar to those of the previous generation, apart from the update of their processors these new mini PCs integrate a series of interesting additions that we will now describe.

In  Gigabyte Brix we will found 8th generation Intel processors, the simplest is the Core i5-8250U and in the high range the model Core i7-8550U, these mini PCs have active ventilation. This processors maintain the Intel HD Graphics 620 GPU with 24EU at a speed of 1 GHz, in these mini PCs we have HMDI 2.0 video output, with support for DisplayPort 1.2 that gives us 4K video output @ 60fps and also has hardware acceleration of video for h.265 and VP9 codecs. In the lower area we have a VESA anchor compatible with measures 75 × 75 and 100 × 100 mm to hang them from our monitor.

The Gigabyte Brix with Intel 8th generation processors  will two versions with different box formats, the models GB-BRi5-8250 and GB-BRi7-8550 have a low box where we can only mount SSDs of type M.2, the bigger models GB-BRi5H-8250 and GB-BRi7H-8550 have a tall box where we can also mount a 2.5-inch disk. As a novelty in this model we find two front microphones that allow us to use Cortana and the voice ignition system. As for connectors on these models we have four USB 3.0 front, on the back a USB 2.0 port and another USB 3.1 Type-C with transfer speed up to 10 GBps, Intel Gigabit Ethernet port, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.2 and inside we have two SODIMM DDR4 memory slot up to 2400 MHz so we can have dual channel configuration.

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