[Desktop PC/Motherboard]Troubleshooting- Unable to enter the operating system

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[Desktop PC/Motherboard]Troubleshooting- Unable to enter the operating system

(Stuck at ASUS Logo,auto reboot during booting process,turns black after entering desktop,error message pops up)

If one of above cases occurred, please check whether you’ve tried to expand or replace hardware and reset hardware to previous status.

Please try troubleshooting according to below instruction if situation doesn’t improve

1.Stuck at ASUS Logo

Please try to disconnect all external devices after shutdown,including external internet card/external storage/cardreader, and reboot


2.Auto reboot during booting process/Turns black after entering desktop

Please enter Safe mode. If you can enter safe mode with no error,try to uninstall below software:

(1)Anti-Virus software (2)Recently installed/updated drivers (3)Driver for Graphic card

Please refer to below FAQ link for how to enter Safe mode in different OS:

Windows 8/8.1Windows 10


3.Error message pops up(DISK BOOT FAILURE…)

Operating system is damaged. Please try to reset/re-install system or contact local Customer Center for repair.

Method for System reset:

Windows 8/8.1/10

 Note: All the data will be deleted once system reset is done. If there’s any question, please contact ASUS Service Center.

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