[Desktop PC]How to recover Windows 7 system?(F9 function)

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[Desktop PC]How to recover Windows 7 system ?(F9 function)

ASUS Desktop PCs pre-load Windows OS and attach one hidden partition for recovery to default setting. When system has problem,we can use this recovery partition to solve and reset the device.

Note : If user replaces HDD, changes/deletes recovery partition or HDD got crashed,these cases may cause recovery function failed.
If recovery partition cannot be used, please contact your local service center with the SN of your device for help.

Users can follow below steps to recover Windows system to default seting.
(Note: Please back-up all important file to external storage device or webstorage before you start to recover your system, and don’t just back-up to other HDD partition)

1. Press “F9“continuously when you see ASUS logo after booting.

2. Press “NEXT” to start recovery process.

3. Confirm the target recovery partition and press “NEXT”
(Note: Please back-up all important files to external storage device or webstorage before you start to recover your system and do not just back-up to other HDD partition)


4.Select “I accept”and press“NEXT”

5. Press “YES”and start to recover system.
   ( According to different models or specification, time for full recovery will be different)


Q1. No response after pressing F9 during booting?
A: Some models boots faster so if no response after keeping pressing F9 under ASUS logo during booting, you can restart the PC to test and keep pressing F9 to try.
If your device doesn’t bundle ASUS original system but installed by Microsoft retail installation disk, then it Does NOT support F9 function.
Please contact your local service center with the SN of your device for help if you cannot make sure.

Q2. What to do when it shows ” Recovery disk is required ” during recovery process?
A: Users won’t be requested to insert recovery disc when you recover the system by F9.  Such cases might be becuase some devices are not pre-loaded/installed in original Windows OS or recovery system is abnormal. If so, please contact local service         center or the distributor that you bought device from to confirm whether your device is pre-loaded Windows system.


Q3. How to back-up my data to external storage device?
A: User can use external USB storage device,optical disk, or ASUS Webstorage (https://www.asuswebstorage.com/navigate/) to back-up personal data. Please don’t just copy files to other HDD partition.
About ASUS Websotrage, please check http://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1009347/
If your device cannot access system to back up data, please contact local service center and provide the S/N of the device.

Q4: If the HDD crashed and cannot to recover, what should I do?
A: Please contact service center directly and provide the S/N of device and back-up your data before sending to service center.
If recovery failure is certainly because of crashed HDD,the data cannot be kept.
Q5: During recovry process, some steps stuck for a long time. Is it normal?
A: If some steps stuck for a long time during recovry process, maybe for ten minutes or almost 1 hour, it is normal situation.Please do not forcibly shut down PC to interrupt recovery process.
How to check S/N of device:http://www.asus.com/support/Article/566/
How to contact local service center:http://www.asus.com/support/CallUs

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