CHUWI GBOX with Celeron N4100 processor Gemini Lake begins its dispatch

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Amid the current year’s CES we have seen the new smaller than normal PC from Chuwi GBOX Star, a group that is high on equipment and now appears to have a younger sibling called CHUWI GBOX. A small scale PC that is still in the advancement stage and whose lone processor is clear, an Intel Celeron N4100. This is a Chip of the group of last age Gemini Lake made in 14nm that incorporates 4 centers fit for coming to the 2.40Ghz in turbo mode and that coordinates an Intel UHD Illustrations GPU with 12EU and a most extreme speed of 700mhz that is equipped for Play video 4K@60fps.

Whatever remains of the CHUWI GBOX equipment is still to be chosen and Chuwi has selected to open a site where we can audit the equipment that will go with this new miniPC, DDR4 Slam, stockpiling, network, and in addition the appearance and assembling materials of various equipment choices. its outer undercarriage. It is astonishing to see that among the choices of working framework we can settle on a design with double boot Windows 10 + Linux, something extremely uncommon in the Chinese miniPC however unquestionably fascinating.

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