Best Mini PC For Parents In 2017-2018: Cheap Mini PC For Elders – Mini PC For Seniors And Father Mother

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Top Mini PCs For Parents And Elders In 2017-2018 – Which Mini PC For Father Or Mother

Which Is The Best Mini PC For Parents Or Elders This Holiday Season Or Birthday? That Is A Tough Question As You Are Not Buying A Mini PC For Yourself But For Someone You Love The Most.

Finding the best Mini PC for parents in 2017 is a difficult task. You do not need the latest Core i5 processor while buying Mini PC for elders or parents. You also do not need to one with 16 gigabytes of memory or two 256GB solid state drives configured in RAID 0 configuration. Keep in mind you are not buying a Mini PC for yourself and buying a laptop with dedicated graphics card would be a bit overkill as they would not be playing Halo or doing anything graphic intensive. Your mother or farthers need something that they can easily use and does not burn their Mini PCs with immense heat. In other words, they do not need the best desktop replacement PC to work on CAD or something. They need something that runs cool and is powerful enough for doing video calls with you, web surfing, Youtube videos and a laptop that does not put strain on their eyes.

What You Need To Know When Buying Laptop For Your Parents?

1. Resolution – This is an overlooked aspect. Old people have poor eyesight and you would not want a display with 4k quad HD panel that will make everything super tiny. While they will be able to see more data at a time but they will develop eye strain without few minutes. Same can be said about Mini PCs connected with full HD panel which we think is still too high for a normal person. Fortunately, this will keep your budget low too. Most of the Mini PCs are under 300 dollars so you won’t have to spend a fortune to find the best laptop for parents.

2. Storage – Parents like to store a lot of family photos and videos on their computers. Therefore refrain from buying Mini PCs with solid state drives because they usually do not come with adequate capacity unless you spend a couple thousand dollars. In simple words, just get typical laptops with mechanical hard disks. But if responsiveness is what you are looking for, some cheap Mini PCs with SSD will do the job fine.

3. Multimedia content: Mini PCs with graphics card under 300 400 500 can be perfect for consuming multimedia content. This is because graphics card takes the burden away from processor and render graphics on your computer. This makes the computer run faster as processor can focus on other important tasks. A discrete graphics card also helps in viewing full HD and 4k QHD content something which you cannot do on a Mini PC with Intel integrated graphics.

Here are the Best Mini PC for parents in 2017.

NO. 1
Performance wise, the AK1 (check: AK1 reviewAK1 vs HPAK1 speed test) is probably best suited for light video watching or day to day web browsing and e-mails. The main purpose of the AK1 isn’t supposed to be a power house gaming machine but more of an almost portable machine capable of normal web browsing and computer usage. Web browsing is just as quick as using my main Intel i7 desktop, although sites that have a lot of active content like embedded video take slightly longer to fully load.  Check Price and More.

Brand: ACEPC
Model: AK1
Type: Mini PC
System: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Celeron J3455
CPU: Intel Celeron J3455
Core: Quad Core
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 500
Maximum External Hard Drives Capacity: 2TB

NO. 2
Beelink M1 Mini PC
Intel N3450 CPU, 8GB RAM, 64GB ROM, LINUX UBUNTU compatible
Beelink M1 Quad Core 4K Win10 Bluetooth 4.0 Mini PC

Beelink M1 mini PC comes with chipset Intel N3450 CPU, and it can provide you with smooth experience to watch the video or play games. Support the fast and powerful Win10 operation system. Support multiple connections such as Ethernet 1000Mbps, standard RJ 45, Bluetooth 4.0 and 2.4 / 5.8GHz WiFi. It is the best choice for your family entertainment, you can have your family members play games or watch TV shows together. REMEMBER, this model is LINUX UBUNTU compatible. Check Price and More.

Windows 4+64GB
Windows 8+64GB
Linux Ubuntu 4+64GB
Linux Ubuntu 8+64GB

NO. 3
MINIX Neo Z83-4 Pro
Minix Neo is a fanless mini PC for home use. With a quad core Intel Atom processor and 4GB RAM, you can amazing computing experience in your living room. (check: MINIX NEO Z83-4 Pro vs MINIX NEO Z83-4, mini pc reviewBest Mini PCs for Family Review MINIX NEO Z83-4 Pro) It features ultra-compact design combined with premium performance. Equipped with Intel’s Cherry Trail Quad-Core processor. It comes with excellent thermal design, perfect balance of speed, temperature, performance and absolute silence. Check Price and More.


* Intel’s Cherry Trail Quad-Core processor
* 4GB DDR3L RAM, 32GB eMMC flash storage, Windows 10

NO. 4
Byte Plus
Byte Plus is attractively designed and has perfect specifications for a mini PC for home use (check: Byte Plus reviewACEPC AK1 mini pc vs Byte Plus mini pc). It has Intel Z8300 quad core processor that is backed by 4GB of memory for better multitasking experience. Check Price and More.

Fanless Windows 10 Mini Desktop PC – Intel CherryTrail T3 Z8300 Quad-Core, 1.44 GHz (up to 1.84 GHz) 4GB RAM+32GB storage

NO. 5
ACEPC W5 Intel Z3736F Mini Computer Stick

From outside, the ACEPC W5 (check: ACEPC W5 reviewW5 PC Stick reviewmay look like a typical USB drive but it is actually a portable computer that you can carry in your pocket. Just plug into a display via HDMI port and connect a wireless keyboard and mouse for best portable PC experience. Simply the ultimate mini PC for home use. Check Price and More.

W5 mini pc stick is Preinstalled with Windows 10 Home Edition OS which runs fast and smoothly.You can work with all Microsoft products in a seamless fashion and maintain productivity. 2GB RAM, 32GB Flash Memory, Bluetooth 4.0 and Fast Wi-Fi. Which makes it runs more smoothly and stable.


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