Beelink N41 N4100 Mini PC review, Beelink N41 vs Beelink N50

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Beelink N41 N4100 Mini PC has a same case as Beelink N50, but the CPUs are different.
Beelink N41 N4100 Mini PC
We can find that both of them have 4 x USB3.0 ports. But Beelink N50 focuses on high-end: 8+128GB SSD, while Beelink N41 are powered by 4+64GB or 6GB RAM + 128GB SSD.

In short:
Beelink N41: N4100 CPU, 4+64GB or 6GB RAM + 128GB
Beelink N50: N5000 cpu,  8+128GB

Check price and more about Beelink N41 N4100.

Check details and price of Beelink N50 N5000.


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