ASUS VivoMini UN45H Mini PC Review

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ASUS VivoMini UN45H mini PC is a very well laid out little system; it has enough about it to get you started from the get-go, but it also has room for upgrading the RAM and storage capabilities. Ok, so 32GB with Windows 10 pre-installed isn’t going to leave a lot of room for programs and I even couldn’t put Microsoft Office on to begin with, which may leave a few feeling let down. What I will say is that ASUS do give 100GB of their WebStorage free for a year which is a nice touch, especially for those wishing to back up their files, photos, documents, and videos until they can purchase an additional drive for storage. You can use this service free for a year, but after that, you will require a subscription so please do remember that.

Touching on the design of the VivoMini UN45H, this is probably one of the smartest little quad core PCs on the market as it has the looks, the features, and the style to carry it through. With a small footprint/size of 137x137x52mm, it’s hardly the largest mini PC around and in comparison to the likes of the ECS mini PCs and even the Pi’s, this blows them out of the water in terms of the overall package offered. The only thing that would have made this better aside from advancements in microtechnology would be to have added say a 64GB M.2 SSD as standard; this would have probably been at a larger cost however so some may not have liked that too much.

Price wise, you can pick up the VivoMini UN45H for around £200 which might not be seen as amazing value for some, but when you add in the size, features, design, style and the included VESA mount for mounting to the rear of your monitor, I believe the price is more than fair. Is the ASUS VivoMini UN45H the best mini PC on the market? Well, that would be a bold claim, but one that I can imagine some people saying about this stylish mini PC and one I personally wouldn’t rule out! The VivoMini range is hot and so are small form factor systems, so you do the math on why the UN45H has won our Gold award today!

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