ACEPC AK1 Pro Mini PC comes with Windows 10 Pro OS

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We know that ACEPC AK1 is a hot Mini PC model that sells well at Amazon and GearBest, and today we got a news that the busienss will release a upgraded version: ACEPC AK1 Pro, which comes Windows 10 Pro OS, while ACEPC AK1 is equiped with Windows 10 Home OS. Check here for more.

Moreover, ACEPC AK1 Slice is available soon which comes with Windows 10 Home OS, but without HDD module.

It is worth mentioning that KODLIX N42 – D is a mini PC with Intel Apollo Lake N4200 and Windows 10 Pro OS. It is the first model we have reviewed that comes with Windows 10 Pro OS.

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  • A mini PC takes up less amount of space compared to a typical desktop and they look much tidier. They are easier to move around too. Let our experts find you the best mini PC or tablet for home use.Check Our Editors' Choices 2017.

    NO. 1

    Gearbest Teclast Master T8 8-inch Tablet PC Fingerprint Recognition
    Teclast Master T8 8-inch Tablet PC Fingerprint Recognition

    NO. 2

    ACEPC AK1 Mini PC, Amazon Best-seller, More people's choice.

    NO. 3

    Wintel T8

    Wintel T8 Fanless Mini PC, Super Mini, Fit in Your Palm.

    NO. 4

    MINIX NEO Z83 - 4 PRO Mini PC

    MINIX Neo Z83-4 Pro, Best Design Model 2016-2017

    NO. 5

    Alfawise X5 Mini PC
    Alfawise X5 Mini PC, the most popular model from GearBest private brand